Dr. Yuliya Babenko

            Assistant Professor


                Spring 2013 office hours:

                MWF 8:45 am - 9:15 am

                MW    2-3:30 p  

                and, of course, by appointment









2006: PhD, Mathematics, Vanderbilt University

2003: MA, Mathematics, Vanderbilt University

2001: MS, Mathematics, Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine

2000: BS, Mathematics, Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine

1999-2000: Non-degree, Computer Science (ACTR/ACCELS grant) University of Georgia

My Research Genealogy

                     My Curriculum Vitae


            Teaching Spring 2013:

                        Calculus 2

                        Differential Equations 

Research Interests:

Numerical Analysis, Approximation Theory, Spline Theory, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Theory of Functional and Polynomial Inequalities (Kolmogorov type, Landau type, Markov type etc.) and Applications (in particular, to Inverse Problems), Optimization of Quadrature Formulas, Radial Basis Functions, Computational and Discrete Geometry


                        My Recent Papers:

                        Y. Babenko, V. Babenko, N. Parfinovych, D. Skorokhodov; Exact asymptotics of the optimal $L_{p}$-error of asymmetric linear spline approximation, submitted.

                        Y. Babenko, D. Skorokhodov, Stechkin's problem for differential operators and functionals of order one and two, Journal of Approximation Theory, 167 (2013) pp. 173-200. file

                        Y. Babenko, T. Leskevich, On the $L_p$-error of approximation of bivariate functions by harmonic splines, to appear in Applicable Analysis. file

                        Y. Babenko, S. Borodachov, Inequalities for the norms of finite difference operators of multiply monotone sequences, Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, V. 15, N. 2 (2012), pp. 247–269. file

                        Y. Babenko, D. Skorokhodov, Kolmogorov and Stechkin problems for functions with second derivatives from Orlich spaces, Mathematical Notes, (2012) Vol. 91, No. 2, pp. 161-171. file

                        Y. Babenko, J.-M. Mirebeau, T. Leskevich, Sharp asymptotics of the L p approximation error for interpolation on block partitions, Numerische Mathematik, Volume 117, Issue 3 (2011), pp. 397-423. file
                        Y. Babenko, V. Babenko, N. Parfinovych, D. Skorokhodov, On one extremal property of a regular simplex, Communications in Analysis and Geometry, (2010) V. 17, N. 4, pp. 1-15. file

                        Y. Babenko, Exact asymptotics of the uniform error of interpolation by multilinear spline, Journal of Approximation Theory, 162 (2010), pp. 1007-1024. file 



My Current Collaborators:

Vladislav Babenko

Sergiy Borodachov

Oleg Kovalenko

Tetiana Leskevych

Jean-Marie Mirebeau

Nataliia Parfinovych



            Analysis and Applied Mathematics seminar

                        AAM seminar Spring 2013

                        Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar (Spring 2012)

                        AAM seminar schedule (Fall 2011)

Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar (Fall 2010)

Analysis and Applied Math seminar (Spring 2011)

            Kennesaw Women in Mathematics (KWIM)
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Infinite Horizons Lecture Series
                        2/6/2013: Sommer Gentry, Naval Academy: Faster, Safer, Healthier: Adventures in Operations Research                       
                        10/29/2012: Laura Taalman, James Madison University: Taking Sudoku Seriously
                        9/27/2012: Victoria Powers, Emory University: Proportional (Mis)representation: The mathematics of apportionment                       
                        4/12/2012: Carolyn Yackel, Mercer University:
Spherical Symmetries Depicted in Temariflyer 
                        2/09/2012: Jennifer Quinn, University of Washington Tacoma: Digraphs and Determinants. flyer
                        9/26/2011: Rebecca Garcia, Sam Houston State University: Benjamin Franklin's Magic. flyer


            Kennesaw Mountain Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
                                Past conferences:
November 11-12, 2011. conference page
                                                               October 19-20, 2012. conference page



Research Related Links:

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                        Conferences of interest to me:




Approximation Theory links:

Alan Pinkus's site on history of Approximation Theory

Schumaker/de Boor Spline Bibliography

Surveys in Approximation Theory




Recreational Mathematics:

Plus magazine

The Bridges organization: art and mathematics

Math Horizons

Quotations of Mathematicians

The Geometry Junkyard by David Eppstein

Steven Strogatz Opinionator (New York Times)

Temari Math

Journal of Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture

Erdos Number Project (I have Erdos number 2!)

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                        For students:

                        Pi Mu Epsilon

                        REU sites (summer research opportunities)

                        Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

                        Math Fest

                        Internship opportunities with National Security Agency

                        Writing Proofs

                        TeX installation instruction for Mac and for Windows



                        Few of many cool people (and projects) doing fun math:

Gwen Fisher's Ionic Polyhedra

Vi Hart - coolest mathemusician ever

Brainfreeze Sudoku by Laura Taalman

Art Benjamin, The Mathemagician

Carolyn Yackel many projects

The Home of Mathematical Knitting (by Sarah-Marie Belcastro)

Crochet Coral Reef project

Blogs of cool people I follow:

Change of Basis by Patrick Bahls

Mathbabe by Cathy O'Neil



Professional organizations:

American Mathematical Society

Mathematical Association of America

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Association for Women in Mathematics



Some of favorite links:

PBS NOVA documentaries

National Geographic

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