About KWIM


We, students and faculty of Department of Mathematics and Statistics here at KSU, decided to create this organization - KWIM - in order to promote and support women in science and mathematics. We plan to do it through creating a social and professional network of students and mentors to share information about existing opportunities and provide support and advice in professional growth.

ALL students and faculty are invited to join!!

The funding for this project was provided by Tensor Foundation through MAA (http://www.maa.org/wam/tensor.html) as well as by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and College of Science and Mathematics at KSU.

Faculty mentors:

Dr. Yuliya Babenko (ybabenko@kennesaw.edu)

Dr. Mari Castle (mfc7379@kennesaw.edu)

Dr. Anda Gadidov (agadidov@kennesaw.edu)

Please send any of us an email if you have any questions/comments!